1:00 Category 5 Men30 Min3
1:40Category 4 – 5 Women30 Min3
2:20Masters Men (35+ cat. 4 – 5)40 Min3
3:10Masters Men (35+ cat. 3 – 1)40 Min3
4:00Category 4 Men40 Min3
4:50Category 3 Men50 Min5
5:50Free Kids Races (2-5 yrs)Home StraightAll
6:00Free Kids Races (6-10 yrs)1 LapAll
6:10Sky Valley Mayors Cup1 LapAll
6:20Category 1 – 3 Women50 Min3
7:20Category 1 & 2 Men70 Min5

Kids Races

Whether they ride with a parent’s help, with training wheels, or strong on their own, all are welcome for these events. Short races with prizes for all make these events a great source of family fun. Registration for all kids events is entirely free!

Sky Valley Mayor’s Cup

You know them from an entirely different kind of race, but here, they will be participating in a single lap race for the Sky Valley Mayor’s Cup! All elected officials are welcome and encouraged to participate in this race.

More information on athlete registration can be found Here.


Medals for top 3. Cash and merchandise for top finishers.